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Introducing Iris ______

Meet Iris, our new metal diva!

"What, a female vocalist??" Yes sir, that's right. Because she kicked our ass from the very first note.

Beginning this year, after 9 months, 27 audition tapes and 9 live auditions, we were still looking for the right vocalist. We had seen some brilliant auditions but we missed the final spark, that uniqueness, yes, the xxx-factor.

So we started digging deep in the Benelux metal scene. Every single band, every single town, we checked it all. And then, medio February, we stumbled upon a young metal chick named Iris Goesssens, hailing from Maastricht. Eager to get the job, she was auditioning 1 week later at the studio, performing "The Absurdist". The screams, the grunts, the cleans. It was all there. Single take. We were blown away instantly.

Now, 4 months later, Iris is up to speed and fully part of the machine, as we are working on the preproduction of brand new material, to be released end this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Welcome to the band, Iris!